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Burning Crusade Expansion Warcraft World

With Blizzard's recent release of the "Burning Crusade Expansion Warcraft World" has been rejuvenated, veteran players interests have taken off again in the game. The Burning Crusades release has brought new zones, new levels, new character races, new spells and abilities, a new battleground and PVP system and much more.

I'll start off with the two new races that were recently added, the Alliance side received the Draenei. A extraterrestrial race that crash landed on Azeroth, they are the Alliance sides answer to the Tauren, being the biggest race in the Alliance now. Draenei can be Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Shamans and Warriors.

The Horde received the Blood Elves and magic addicted race of evil elves. Now the Horde has a beautiful race. Blood Elves can be Hunters, Mage, Paladins Priests, Rogues, or Warlocks.

Another cool feature that was added in the latest release was flying mounts, each faction has two flying mount types to choose from in assorted colors, there is a slow version and a fast version. The basic model appears to be a gryphon type creature or a wind rider depending if you are Horde or Alliance. Now you will need to have a certain riding skill to be able to take advantage of these mounts, and for the faster mount a pretty hefty riding skill is needed. You can only use these mounts in the Outland area.


Clear out your inventory before going questing in the 60+ range, make sure you store all of your unnecessary's. To make it easier for you on consumables - ie. bandages, scrolls or potions, mail yourself these items from a mule and don't fill your inventory with more than one stack of them.

Don't forget to move your Hearthstone, for the Outland area a convenient place is Honor Hold if you are Alliance and Thrallmar if you are Horde. The problem that you might encounter in some of the level 60-61 areas of Outland is the bottlenecks. With the new release 1000's of people are flooding these areas which are creating bottlenecks especially with the Quests where you have to kill a certain Mob, waiting for it to respawn can really take the fun out of the game at times. Blizzard is trying to deal with this time by regulating the spawn time by the number of people in the area at a given time. More characters in the area cause faster spawn rates.


The new instances in outland due to the popularity of the Scarlet Monastery and Dire Maul have been made shorter. All of the five man instances in Outland are made along the lines of the ones typically encountered in Azeroth. For the people who like to grind Blizzard has made the groups of mobs with similar abilities in different groups, for instance a priest type character might grind in an area with mobs that have a certain type of magical abilities, while a Fighter character would best grind in an area with mobs of different abilities.


Jewelcrafting is a new profession that was added in the expansion which allows you to craft rings, amulets and socketable gems, this should end up being a very profitable profession.


Battlegrounds are pretty much the same as they were before with a higher level cap and in addition a new Battleground has been added called Eye of the Storm. There are two levels in the new battle ground, 61-69 and level 70. There are 15 players per team and the first team to 2000 points is the winner.

If you are a diehard World of Warcraft fan like I am, The Burning Crusade expansion warcraft world only fans the flames of my obsession with the game.(which is a good thing) High quality content has always been a strong point from Blizzard and they have not failed in their delivery as usual.

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